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Horace Tang

289 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Horace Tang , Scott Edmunds 289 days ago
With certain politicians, political parties, and media groups talking of "fake refugee" crime surges  and the need for HK to build internment camps and pull out of the convention against torture we need a rational, evidence based debate on this issue. Unfortunately Hong Kong is a data vacuum, and the supposed crime statistics parroted don't seem to be publicly available. Using AccessInfo (FOI) requests  we've managed to gather a lot of inconsistent data from the Hong Kong police at the District and Region level. This project needs help to fill in some of the gaps in this data, as well as help in organising, presenting and disseminating it for public consumption. We then need help presenting and visualising this data in a form that can easily produce infographics broken down more granularly by district, crime, etc. Which will be a useful tool in assisting rational, evidence based response to this issue in Hong Kong.
The HK Police stores a list of all registered societies (38,000+) of Hong Kong, but in PDF format with watermarks. Transforming all these data in to a SQL database can help analyse and visualize all the findings (eg. Distribution of Chinese-related societies, do the societies share the same address, etc).
Horace T Future Work:
Integrated with other datasets such that existing SQL database have more dimensions.

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