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Sammy Fung

815 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Sammy Fung , Sammy Fung 815 days ago
Sammy F PyCon HK Staff Meeting 2015.10.05
Date: 5 October 2015, Monday
Time: 8:30pm - 10:30pm
Venue: To Be Determined
  1. Program
  1. Keynotes and Sessions
  1. Activities
  1. Sales & Finance
  1. Sponsors, Ticket Sales
  1. Expenses
  1. Operation & Staff
  1. Accommodation for Core Staffs
  1. Speaker Dinner
  1. F&B: Lunch, Coffee & Tea
  1. Volunteers, Student Helpers, Photography Team, Video Team
  1. Venue Setup
  1. Marketing
  1. Design, Printing and Output
  1. Badge and Check-in Process
  1. Event Promotions in October
  1. A.O.B.
816 days ago
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Sammy F Open Source Tech Talk 2015.10
Date: 10 October 2015, Saturday
Time: 2:00pm - 5:30pm
  • What's news at Open Source Hong Kong ?
  • Building Java Application with MySQL for Beginners
  • During the talk, I will introduce the basic of MySQL Connector/J. We will create basic Java Application to connect to MySQL Database. We will use Tomcat or Weblogic to create Java Page with Connection Cache to MySQL. We will explore the Load Balancing capability with MySQL Cluster. We will explore the Java Replication Driver to connect to Master and Slave configured MySQL. We will explore the use of Fabric Driver to connect to MySQL Fabric.
  • Speaker: Ivan Ma
  • Create event on OSHK Facebook Group
  • Create event on OSHK Facebook Page
Sammy F
  • Wait for Venue Confirmation First
  • Booking Venue
  • Booking CityU
1109 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Sammy Fung 1109 days ago
Sammy F Open Source Workshop 2014.12
Open Source Workshop this month is a event for you to  meet, work, share and learn from practical project works with  developers, UI designers, document writers/translators and other  contributors.
Date: 2014/12/06 Saturday
Time: 2:00pm-5:45pm (Door open at 2:00pm, Start from 2:15pm)
Venue: Classroom G5-133, 5/F Academic 1, City University of Hong Kong, Kowloon Tong.
Room & Capacity: a classroom with 30 seats.
Fee: $0 (Free of Charge).
Organized by Open Source Hong Kong .
Venue sponsored by City University of Hong Kong .
  1.  Website building for Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2015 (Sammy) (Javascript, Design, Django) (GitHub)
  1.  Mobile Apps for Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2015 (Sammy) (Android, iOS)
  1.  Website re-vamp of Open Source Hong Kong (Sammy) (Drupal, Design, Javascript)
  1.  Website building for Mozilla Hong Kong  (Sammy) (CSS, Javascript, Design)
  1.  (*** You are welcome to bring your projects to workshop, please list your project with 3 keyword tags. ***)
  1.  (*** Please make +1 to any projects you are interested to participate in order to let project leaders to know ***)
  1. Sammy Fung  (Django, Drupal, Mobile)
  1. (*** If you will join the workshop, please drop your name with 3 keyword tags of your tech/design/non-tech skillsets. ***)
You should prepare the followings before workshop:
  1. Bring your laptop with tools you uses, charging your laptop battery to full.
  1. Getting your own PCCW / Y5ZONE wifi accounts if possible.
  1. Your GitHub account.
  1. Name cards (or sth. leaving your contacts to your new friends)
 You should expect at least one of the followings :
  1.  Work on projects.
  1.  Share your skills, knowledge and experiences.
  1.  Learn from others.
1190 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Haggen So , Sammy Fung 1190 days ago
application programming interface巴及大嶼山巴士專營權意見書 - 香港創意開放科技協會
近年市民關注大眾公共運輸系統服務表現,例如專營巴士脫班問題等。同時近年全球發展開放數據 (Open Data)在公共巴士服務上,歐美以至台灣也有實例,利用開放數據來提供公共巴士服務資料給大眾。
為了有效讓社會公眾了解城巴有限公司 (城巴) 及新大嶼山巴士有限公司 (大嶼山巴士) 的服務情況,我們要求運輸署在延續城巴及大嶼山巴士條款上,必需在新專營權開始前加入提供以下開放數據,讓公眾自由查詢和使用
4. 提供 API (Application Programming Interface) 讓開發者以程式存取所有開放數據。
1. 加入到達各站時間的實時開放數據。
  1. 以容易在互聯網上取
Haggen S
  1. 令用家安心的合法授權條款。
  1. 數據內容使用公開標準 (例如 json、XML 等格式)
  1. Dr. Haggen So, President, 香港創意開放科技協會有限公司 Hong Kong Creative Open Technology Association Limited
Sammy F
  1. Mr. Sammy Fung, President, Open Source Hong Kong。

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